How To Get Long Hair In Few Months – 10 Tips

By | March 12, 2017

For a woman her hair can be everything, it can make her look pretty and it can even give her the oomph that she may need to get out there and conquer the world. A woman can impress anyone with her long and silky locks but with so much to do and so many tasks to accomplish how do you go about taking care of your hair? That is a very difficult question not only because of the fact that we are so caught up in our daily life activities that we fail to give our hair the attention that is needed but also because of the fact that with so many trends of coloring and using chemicals, styling by using blow-dryers, straightener and curlers and also because of the environment and the exposure that the head and hair gets to dust and harsh pollutants in the air. With so much that can lead to damaging the hair the only solution left is to give time to your hair, be patient and to make it even better we are going to tell you all about how to get that head full of hair long and strong in just a matter of months. How To Get Long Hair In Few Months – 10 Tips are waiting for you just below this paragraph.


10. Keep A Down Low On The Style Making

This one is a dilemma indeed but one that needs to be taken into consideration, we know it’s very very hard to keep the straightener and blow dryer away but if you want your hair to have its longevity then try to at least down play it where if you use it every day try using it every other day and gradually move on. You will save yourself from burned locks and irreversible damage in the long run.


9. Nourishment

The one good thing that you can allow for yourself is taking out time to nourish your hair and you can do that by applying a mask on your hair, you can find a number of masks packed with nutrients, the key is to find the mask that suits your hair type whether you have frizzy, curly , dry or oily look for one that meets the needs of your hair and apply it while your hair is damp usually after you shampoo so that the strands of hair can get the maximum out of the mask, leave it on for maybe 10 15 minutes or as mentioned on the box and rinse it out, you will see life coming back into your hair and it’s an excellent way to jump start your hair to make it grow.


8. Inversion Method

With so much harm that the hair is subjected to people have been doing research as to what ways will cause the most growth for the hair. One of the methods that has been ancient in history but is being brought back to life again is the inversion method , this simple method has received many positive results specially if your looking into speeding your hair growth, the simple act of putting your head down into a position like when you are bending down to reach your feet after you have oiled the scalp and leave the head in that position just for a few seconds so that the blood flow circulates more towards the hair then get up in your original position and your done. Keep on doing this method for at least 7 days you will instantly see the results


7. Using The Scissor

Whether it is a myth or not but the one reason why you should introduce trimming into your hair regime is to avoid the split ends and keep them at bay by trimming them, you can do this once every two weeks or when you see that the split ends in your hair are becoming conspicuous but it does help not only with removing split ends but also in kick starting hair growth.


6. Conditioning


Make it a habit that when you get into the showers to shampoo your hair, then also condition your hair. Conditioning the hair seals the proteins and lipids that the conditioner contains and allows the hair to be safe from further damage not to mention conditioner always leaves your hair soft and silky.


5. Use The Shampoo With Ease

Yes cleaning hair is a must but that does not mean that your shampoo is healthy for your hair every single day. The hair and scalp has its own natural mechanism and also it has its own ph level which is good for the hair. When you shampoo the hair and do it regularly it tends to strip of the hair from its very essential oils that the hair strands need in order to grow and stay strong. In case of growing out hair it is a must that you avoid shampoo so that the hair follicles are not void of the many natural oils and nutrients that it already possess.


4. Cold Water Rinse

This one step in your hair regime can be a life changer. When you shower be sure that at the end of it all you subject your hair to a cold rinse even if it is for a few seconds but this will boost your hair growth and will also keep the dandruff away. The more we use hot water the more our scalp and hair become dry and frizzy. Not only will the cold rinse ensure a less dried out look but it will also make sure that your hair has moisture locked inside which is a good thing to consider when you want to grow it out.


3. Oil and Massage

With all that needs to be done in your daily routine if you want to get that shine back in your hair then you need to oil your hair even it is half an hour before you jump into the shower grab an oil and massage it into the scalp to get the blood flow going and for long and strong hair get yourself olive oil, castor oil or argon oil which really boost the hair growth.


2. Vitamins

Not only does your hair need care and attention from the outside but it needs care from the inside when your thinking about growing your hair for rapid action always include a multivitamin in case of hair skin and nails it’s good to take up Biotin in your daily routine about 5000 Mcg that gives hair the protein and nourishment that it requires. Within a month of using it you will see the difference.


1. Diet

The number one thing that you need to look out for when making it an aim to grow out your hair is no matter how much of external care you give your hair the source of growth comes from the inside and if you’re not eating healthy then it is going to show, you need to have a balanced diet with at least 8 glasses of water to keep your body and your hair hydrated. Including dry fruits like almond cashew and nuts which is a good source of protein and eating healthy foods like fish which is packed with Omega 3.


It is important to remember that growing out hair can be a very tedious task and not something that can happen overnight. So don’t expect to have long hair in a matter of days the normal time that it takes for hair to grow is about half an inch each month. However by being patient and by using these useful tips in mind you will get to your goal of having not only long but beautiful hair.

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