10 Most Used Harmful Supplements In 2017

By | March 20, 2017

In this day and age everyone is looking for a quick fix with health supplements, either for reducing weight or for boosting energy however we tend to over look the fact that the very supplements we use for taking care of ourselves may also worsen our health, there are numerous supplements that we intake in our daily diets that have more harm than good that is why we prepared a list of the 10 Most Used Harmful Supplements in 2017, just in case you didn’t know you can add it to your knowledge and be aware the next time someone tries to persuade you into buying it for that extra kick for your health.

10. Aconite

The botanical name for this herb is Aconitum napellus and is very commonly referred to as Monkshood, Blue Rocket, Friar39s Cap, Auld Wife 39s Huid. It is found in Europe specially Great Britain and is used all over the world as remedial herb for arthritis, gout and inflammation but what the big names won’t tell you is that it also can cause disorders of the heart and lead to paralysis’s and death.

9. Bitter Orange

When you think of orange you probably think well it is a fruit and fruits are good for health but don’t get confused when someone offers you a bitter orange and persuades you to take it up as a health supplement. The bitter orange is actually a plant and all of its parts that is the flower, its external peel and its juices has been used a source of medicine for problems like diarrhea, constipation.

It has been tested to be good for diabetes, nasal congestion and Chronic Fatigue syndrome however with so many benefits it does have its downside as its overuse can cause severe health risks like fainting and heart problems the main reason may be because it contains a very toxic element synephrine which is similar to the compound element ephedrine and ephedrine was so hazardous that the FDA had altogether banned it in 2004.


8. Yohimbe

An herb that is very popularly used in the USA and other countries, the yohimbe herb comes from the tree of similar name that is originated back to Central Africa.

The actual purpose is served by the yohimbe chemical that is extracted from the bark of the tree and is mostly used for problems of sexual nature such as Erectile dysfunction disorder and even low libido that may be a result of taking Depression medications like SSRI’s.

The herb is also used by athletes to enhance their performance and that is why it in demand because of so many health benefits however what people seem to sideline is the risks that it may lead to such as elevated blood pressures and increase in heart rate which may in the long term lead to severe consequences and even death.

Back in 1993 the use of this herb was so fatal that the FDA released risk warning on the use of this herb.


7. Red Yeast Rice

This item is very sought after in Chinese grocery stores and is purchased by the name of Cholestin around the world as it contains Red Yeast Rice, the purpose of Red Yeast Rice is to manage cholesterol levels and to aid in indigestion, stomach and spleen problems.

It was such a hit back in the day that it became part of medicines that are used for lowering cholesterol levels but what the doctors won’t tell you is that it can be harmful and brutal leading to long term kidney , liver and muscle problems.



6. Pennyroyal Oil

Also called by Herb De Saint Laurent and Tick weed, this plant has the Pennyroyal Oil which is used for numerous problems like cold , pneumonia, breathing problems and even gallbladder problems which are just a few of its uses but with so many uses we tend to forget to look into the risks of such herbs and the risks of this oil are massive from convulsions to nerve damage to even death, so even if in parts of the world women may even be suggested to take this drug to help start their menses and to even take it up as stimulant but the risks should be taken into serious consideration.


5. Lobelia

Publicized as “Asthma weed” this plant is widely used for its effects on asthma and helping to relieve cough problems and aiding sleep apnea in newborn infants. Some people even take this herb to relax and use it as a sedative. However the problem with this herb is that it has serious side effects like causing tremors, nausea, dizziness, convulsions and when it is taken in an overdose like ingesting 0.6-1 gram of the leaf it can be toxic to the extent of death and coma.


4. Comfrey

This is a medicinal herb that allows to be taken as a tea and which is used to cure problems like heavy blood flow in periods, bronchitis, gum disease and even sore throat.

The herb is applied to the skin to help heal bruises and wounds but what most people are unaware of is this plant contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA’s) which is a very toxic substance and is found even in those parts of the plat which is taken up for medicinal extract and if these poison extracts are ingested it can have heavy consequences like cancer and liver damage.


3. Kava

A celebrated drink in the South Pacific this is like alcohol for Polynesians. Kava is used as a beverage and is extracted from what is known as Piper methysticum. A plant found in the Pacific it is not only used as a drink to make the events comfortable but it is also used to calm down the jitters in anxiety and to help one sleep during problems of insomnia, it may be a popular and well received drink despite its bitter taste as that is where it gets the name from too “kava” or “ava” means bitter in Polynesian, but the plant may also have risks and is linked to Parkinson’s, driving problems and even liver damage. The herb is so potent that some studies have even found it to exacerbate Depression and impair driving.


2. Caffeine Powder

We all use this magic powder but we don’t what it has in store for us. Caffeine Powder also known by 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine is used so rigorously as a health supplement that no one even doubts the risk hazards it possess. From being used as a stimulant to helping reduce weight to even improving concentration attention. This powder has a whole lot of stuff that it can help with but it also has a ton of downfall including rapid heartbeat provoking cardiac arrest and other heart problems like arrhythmia and even seizures.


1. Green Tea Extract

Not only do we use it as a relaxing beverage but it is also widely used as weight loss formula and people take it so much in their routine just for the fact that it can help aid in weight loss but this herb extract should be used with caution it has been related to very deadly and serious health concerns like anemia, reducing the amount of iron in the body, glaucoma, dizziness and even death. It is important to understand that these health supplement may indeed have great effects on the body but it should be used as minimally as possible and through the consultation of a doctor.

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