Top 10 Most Popular American Brands In 2017

By | February 4, 2017

Top Ten Most Popular Brands in America Everyone prefers best brands for its jaunty looks and use brandy things to give new style to its life. Americans always use top best brands and they are the initiator of many brands. Every brand has its own value and power. There are many brands in America which have strong strategy and marketing investment. People also gratify from different brands production. Different popular brands of America have 100% quality guarantee. There are many popular and best brands in America and I have compiled a list of Top 10 Most Popular Brands in America in 2017.


10. Amazon

Amazon is an American computing company having headquarters in Washington. Jeff Bezos is the founder of this company. This is one of the largest internet retailers in sales and market capitalization. Its origination is bookstore firstly but after that it was started as DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs and many other sources as well. The variety of products such as apps store, kindle, fire, twitch TV and many other products are included in this company. USB cables are also sold by the name of Amazon Basics and it also has a wide network of infrastructure services. Amazon also offers separate websites and international shipping. Walmart had become the record valued retailer in 2015.


9. McDonald’s

Richard and Maurice McDonald are the two founders of this fast food restaurant. This restaurant was started in United States and now it has become the largest one restaurant. A lot of customers visit this restaurant and it has many outlets in 119 countries of the whole world. This international restaurant offers diversity of fast foods. This restaurant is operated through different resources such as franchise, affiliate etc. It has a large mass of employees who serve for this restaurant and some of the employees work in different franchises of McDonald’s in all over the world. McDonald’s offers different delicious items such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries and also provide desserts and drinks of every kind. Customers also enjoy its appealing menu including salads, fish, and smoothies. People prefer this restaurant for develop its taste.


8. General Electric

This conglomerate corporation is founded in New York and it has headquarters in two different cities of United States. One of its headquarter is in Fairfield and other is in Connecticut. Many different products like oil and gas, Aviation, Transportation etc. are operated through this company. This company fulfills the needs of financial services, Medical services, Software development and Engineering industries as well. It was also considered 6th largest firm in 2011 and took place at 14th number as lucrative. It ranked at 4th number by Forbes Global 2000 in 2012. The employees, Irving Langmuir and Ivar Giaever were awarded the Nobel Prize. The headquarters will be shifted to the other place in 2016 and will be completed in 2018.


7. Samsung

This multinational company is South Korean one including many subsidiaries and affiliated businesses. It has one of it’s headquarter in Seoul. Lee Byung-chul was the first person who introduced this trading company in 1938. After some years many other groups were also included in this company. Electronics and shipbuilding industries were also added to this company as well. Samsung group, Shinsegae group, CJ group and Hansol group were the four categories of Samsung. Mobile phones and semiconductors are the major increasing source of its income. Samsung has a great impact on Korea’s development, media, and culture and also on the Miracle on the Han River.


6. IBM

IBM is also an American multinational corporation. It has a headquarter which lies in Armonk, New York. IBM productions include hardware, software and also bid consulting services. This company was established in 1911 having multi companies of tabulating, computing and manufacturing. Watson was the founder of IBM word and Big Blue name was given to this company for its size, logo and different colors. IBM has a large number of workers and ranked at second number in U.S. Forbes gave this company the 31st number in global. This company also enrich in laboratories which are 12 in number. The workers of this company were also bestowed with many awards, medals and prizes. IBM also does work on fabless by divesting microelectronics semiconductors in 2014.


5. Coca-Cola

This soft drink was first introduced by the Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta. John Pemberton was the inventor of this company. It ranked at fifth number among all the most valuable brands. This soft drink consists of two ingredients, kola nuts and coca leaves. No one knows its clandestine making formula. Coca-Cola also sells concentrate for bottlers and soda fountains. These concentrate are sold to different restaurants and retail stores. This company also produces some other drinks on the name of Coke. It includes Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry and also some other appealing flavors with lemon, coffee and lime. This beverage company served 1.8 billion customers with its products in 2013 and earned more in each single day.


4. Facebook

This social networking service ranks at fourth one due to its most demanding features and founded in California, United States firstly. Mark Zuckerberg with many colleagues was the founders of this website and it was banned for Harvard students at early times. A person with age of 13 and older one can use this website without any local laws. Users can connect with other friends through messaging and also share posts, photos and share videos with each other. Users can also hide their profile with the help of privacy policy and block some hostile users as well. This most valuable and fastest company of the world has 1.65 billion active users in a month.


3. Microsoft

This office suite is published by Microsoft for windows fabrication. Paul Allen and bill gates were the founders of this worldly largest Microsoft Company. This worldwide company occupies largest place and comes at third number due to its popularity and demand. This American multinational company has one headquartered in Redmond, Washington. This Microsoft was first released for both license and retail customers and was succeeded by office 2010. This Office introduced ribbons of different types and also a new office start menu with the addition of Fluent User Interface. This is the world’s most valuable company and also enrich in hardware products as well. Microsoft became more demanding one among IBM PC and office software suites in 2015. This is active in mode with the fast internet search, video games industry and also some mobile phones technology. This developing company works on software products and hardware products of the worldwide.


2. Google

This web search engine was launched on September 15, 1997. The owner of this search engine is Google Inc. having largest worldwide web and high record of searches. It ranked at second number among the most valuable brands. This web search is mostly used in U.S with the largest marketplace. Google also offers many varied options for its users on a large scale with an advanced search page. Several features can be easily search on this website like weather forecasts, time zones, synonyms etc. It also has some important distinct features of numbers, temperatures, calculations and language translation. The new invention by Google is Google Voice Search which is valuable in spoken searching and one of the new features is Knowledge Graph semantic search. It also provides fastest information with 123 languages. Some of the competitors of Google are found in different countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia and many others. One of the different features of Google is not providing any private and tracking information to any user.


1. Apple

This company was founded 15 years ago by Ron Johnson. This most demanding brand among Americans ranks at first number with distinct features and having computers and electronics devices. This company is owned by Apple Inc. and it includes all devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and many other fittings. It also provides some other products and has a light wood and minimal design with consistent look. Apple is most appealing one in United States and many other countries like China, Australia, United Kingdom, France etc. It also has a worldwide network with retail and online stores in 18 different locations of the world. Apple has become more challenging one in world market now days. People mostly use different accessories of Apple now and has become largest user brand among people in a few years back.

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