Best Gaming Laptops 2017 – Top 10 Notebooks for Gamers Reviewed

By | February 1, 2017

Gamer fanatics beware, we are about to hit you up with reviews of the Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops and to seal the deal there are a few pointers that need to be kept in mind not just with the laptops reviewed but in general it is always good to have a solid background of the important components. Here are Best Gaming Laptops 2017 – Top 10 Notebooks for Gamers Reviewed

A few things to keep in mind


Number one thing to look for in a laptop and if you rigorously play games than make sure it doesn’t heat up. Weight: Gamers don’t need a laptop that will weigh them down they need a laptop that can be carried anywhere.

Battery Life:

A good gamer always makes sure that his laptop won’t buckle under pressure when it comes to the battery life; usually gamers go for laptops that have an average of 4-5 hours of backup battery life.


Of course this matters the most, gamers want to be able to have the best quality at the most reasonable price but not is all fun and games, and you need to know the downside of buying a premium priced laptop.



The points that we discussed may not be in every laptop and this model surely has a few cracks at it , if you’re going into performance mode then it has a fine quality however the main setback here is the 10 pounder weight it carries with it, not only making it heavy but really uneasy to carry. Even so we are not implying that it has no potential, the laptop comes with an 8 GB video memory and hardcore gaming comes as a piece of cake with this model which is why it has taken a place in the list.


  • Great features
  • Built quality excellent
  • Top notch battery life
  • Hardcore performance


  • Price is high
  • Fan is noisy and irritating
  • Heats up quickly
  • Track pad lacks quality
  • GPU limited service
  • There are reviews of freezing up at times


9. Acer Predator 17

A familiar name in the world of laptops, the name predator is surely accurate as the hunt will stop as soon as you pick this model, it has an immaculate color display and the aesthetics are amazing the scheme of black and red is very captivating and it does not stop there. You can score big with this one in terms of battery life and performance. The only drawback is that it is 8 pounds and can weigh you down at times along with a very hefty price tag.


  • Admirable design and logo
  • 16 GB memory
  • Great battery life
  • Software and performance topnotch
  • 4 speakers & 2 subwoofers included
  • Does not heat up even after long hours of play


  • Very expensive
  • Weight may be a problem
  • Only up to 1080p NVidia
  • G-Sync not included


8. Dell Inspiron i7559

Dell offers great quality and this model is no different with super Ultra HD resolution there are no words to describe it as the images become lifelike and what else could a gamer want than to have the game play before its eyes and that is exactly the type of experience you will get when you buy this sweet model along with a portable weight and great quality performance the only thing that is sure to be a bummer is the price as it does cost a lot but if you can save enough for this baby then this is a definite steal.


  • Excellent graphics
  • 4K resolution with touch screen
  • Feathery design easy to carry
  • 16 GB memory


  • Sky high price
  • Parts are not so easy to replace and pricy as well
  • Slow HDD


7. MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004

Here is a laptop that you can buy without it scorching your pocket. It’s full packed with a backlit keyboard and Next Gen Neo force graphics which makes it eye candy to play games with all day. The make of it may be plastic but the upside to it is that it is easily carried anywhere anytime. This model comes with a down to earth design but premium quality and performance so you’re getting a lot more than the price.


  • Smooth performance
  • Keyboard customization
  • Track pad extremely responsive
  • Lightweight , easy to carry


  • Body is made of plastic


6. HP Omen 15-5220nr

The first thing that comes to mind WOW! When you see this model, it is jam packed with a caliber of performance and key features that make it an outstanding gaming laptop, this is a laptop made to impress and usually that is what Hewlett Packard aims for, the keyboard is one of the finest reviewed yet with customizable keys and backlit included. Some of the downside to this model is that fact that its highest setting is 51 Fps where we have seen much more than that and the battery life will wear you out , so if you like a reasonable price range and heavy keyboarding then this is a must have.


  • Aesthetically impressive
  • Customizable keyboard
  • Touch screen included
  • Fan included for cooling effect
  • Quick and robust performance


  • Screen resolution only 1080p
  • Highest setting 51 Fps
  • 16 GB memory


5. Lenovo Z70

The only thing that can be said about this gaming laptop is performance! Performance! And performance! This is probably the only reason that is has made it the top 5 , it has an extraordinary system memory complete with the Core i7 that makes it the best when dealing with heavy games and if you are into sound along with your games then it has that as well, as it has subwoofers and JBL speakers, the screen can be catchy for those who are interested in a large screen size however other than that this model can be a put down as it comes in at 6.6 pounds and 17 inch screen great for looking at but to pick and carry not so great. Another feature that the company has totally put aside is the keyboard features along with a touch screen feature which is not supported in this model, the only reason we can think of it being so expensive is the mere fact that is very pleasing to the eye but looks can’t make up for everything, Lenovo could have done way better!


  • Superb performance
  • Core i7 processor
  • Screen display large
  • Great system memory
  • Awesom speakers and subwoofers


  • No touch screen feature included
  • No backlighting with key board
  • Mediocre battery life


4. Razer Blade 14

There are very few cracks that we can think of with this gaming laptop but performance is not one of them, the only thing that may be a downer is the very high price it sells at but if you have got the greens for this model then it is a sure bet as it comes in at 4 pounds and can be carried smoothly anywhere, along with an incredible processing speed just what gamers are fond of.


  • Impeccable performance
  • Handy for traveling
  • Fierce processor (core i7)
  • 256 GB memory


  • Outer design may be bland to the eye
  • Lack of memory card and Ethernet card
  • Fan has issues in it


3. MSI GT80 Titan SLI

Moving up the list you may notice that the models in the top 3 may have their fair share of cons but they all have one thing in common and that is performance. With that said the Titan is no different as it does weigh heavy but if you’re looking for a great and quality gaming laptop then you can rely on this laptop and can even just use it as your PC with 18.4 inch display you won’t need glasses to look at the graphics it has but you may need to clear your desk space to give this laptop the space it deserves. All in all the bottom line is if you want spectacular performance and a laptop that is put in one place then this laptop will seal the deal.


  • Ornamental in design
  • Great processing speed
  • Noise free
  • keyboard Large touchpad which converts into a number pad


  • Audio system substandard
  • Poor battery life
  • Heavy and can’t be carried easily


2. Alienware 13

The official game master , this list would not be authentic if Alienware was not included, this company has been dubbed the all time gaming laptop and for good reason , it has flawless performance backed up by graceful design and display and to top it off a superb battery life.


  • Has multiple ports
  • Best processor
  • Sleek and great for carrying around
  • Standard battery life
  • Customizable with backlit keyboard


  • Only a gaming laptop


1. ASUS RoG G751JY – Best Gaming Laptop 2017

If you are a diehard gamer then you have heard about the ASUS RoG and good that you have, it is nothing less than what is raved about it. From top notch graphics and display to stellar performance, it has all the features that a gamer thrives on from backlit keyboarding to 0 latency rate to some stupendous graphics. The only thing is you really need to have a wad of money to buy this hardcore laptop and if you have the money for it then don’t waste a second just go ahead any buy it and you will be more than pleased.


  • Graceful design
  • Not noisy at all
  • Top notch performance


  • Heavy in size
  • Expensive
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