15 Best Valentines Day Gifts For Your Husband In 2017

By | February 5, 2017

Love is in the air indeed, with the start of February you know that everything is going to go red as valentine lovers start the month of with red roses and chocolate covered strawberries, no doubt people are surfing the websites to search for just the right gift, and you should make it a note to please your spouse if not every day but at least give them one day off in the whole of the year. With that being said let’s check out what is on the hot list for 2017 with 15 Best Valentines Day Gifts For Your Husband In 2017


15. Minipresso GR Espresso Maker

If your man is always on the hurry and in need of a good espresso then one thing that will make him delightful is the Mini GR Espresso Maker, you don’t need any fancy outlets to operate this machine, all you need is some powerful batteries and it is all hand held and ready to go, just put in some good old coffee beans and you can give him a jump start for the day at $ 60.


14. Two of a Kind Yours and Mine Highball Set

If you both like a good wine and dine out on Valentine’s Day, then you should splurge on this glass set, that comes at a price of $ 45 along with Kate Spades signature on the box, the glass set is unique in that it has “Yours” and “Mine” written on it and is perfect for that special dinner or any regular outing. The glasses can fill up to 16 ounces and are safe to clean in the dishwasher.


13. Kikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase

This gift will surely have you in the good books with your husband and for good reason. What man does not like a good old fashion outdoor barbecue grill and then that is when the surprise will hit him, not just your average take outside barbecue grill but a one of kind travel size portable grill, that is uniquely designed like a suitcase when you open up the notches it is a perfect grill for two that you can take anywhere with you and will not occupy all of your space, so at $76 hit the buy button and take him out on a romantic picnic and spice up the day with this gift that will have him smiling throughout the whole day.


12. Pocket Boom Box

Does he like to jam out to his tunes regardless of whether it is making you crazy or not? Then this Valentines remind him that you care even when he makes you mad and buy him a Pocket Boom Box at $75. A handmade boom box made out of recycled tin, you can plug and play any device and have the time of your life listening to all your favorite tracks anywhere anytime even with no power outlet as it works with a 9 volt battery.


11. Kinky Truth or Dare Game

If you want to make this valentine’s special for him then prepare your evening plans and after you get home surprise him with the ultimate game of Truth or Dare kinky style a simple but tantalizing gift for just the right day at $ 15.00 he will be glad you got this for him. Complete with 100 intimate and racy lines on black and red sticks, each stick that will make you go to a whole another level and perfect for the couple that is shy and wants to spice up the night.


10. Beer & Bourbon Nuts

Coming down the list at number 10 is every guys favorite for the next time he is watching the super bowl or out with his friends and having a couple of beers. A Beer and Bourbon Nuts box complete with three 5.3 Oz bags of nuts imbued in rich beer like Irish Stout Cashews, Jamaican Lager Peanuts and Kentucky Bourbon Almonds, at $30 he will love this gift as soon as he opens it.


9. Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

They say a picture says a thousand words and if you are the type of couple that loves to keep mementos then what better way to stalk up on the New Year and the new Valentines by giving your husband the Instant Film Camera at $180, Fujifilm can take pictures in a number of modes and can make it at your disposal in minutes by printing out Polaroid’s when connected to a printer. Complete with its own rechargeable battery, battery charger and shoulder strap, this will make for a memorable gift for as soon as he opens it both of you will be clicking away at new found memories.


8. Sivan Health & Fitness Basalt Lava Hot Stone Massage Kit

What could be more romantic than a hot stone massage kit, at $62.99 you can give your husband the most intimate massage with this kit that will not only give him a spa day relaxation but will bring you close together, hot stone massages have been popular for their therapeutic effects as well as increasing lymphatic functions. The kit includes 36 handpicked stones in a beautiful wooden storage box that you can easily store anywhere.


7. Wine Soaps

If you’re aiming for something innovative and out of the box then try these non-vegans, gluten free wine soap. Intricately designed this set of four at $38 are a great gift to give your husband aromas of his favorite winery right at his disposal. Not only are they filled with great scents of Chardonnay and Pinet noir but they have a great effect on the skin. So whether you want him to just enjoy the scent or make a bubble bath to leave him smelling freshly infused with wine and fruits this is a great gift with a very personal touch indeed.


6. I Love Your Face Jelly Bean Chocolate Cube Letters

What a better way to say I love you then giving your loved ones chocolate cube letters of different fruit flavors with cuteness overloaded. Your hubby will definitely love this gift especially if he is a chocolate lover. Guaranteed to be in top notch shape when you receive it. At $27 dollars you get 12 letters in cube shape spelling out “I Love Your Face” and he will definitely love your face and a whole lot more with this sweet gift.


5. Bevel

The Essentials For the man who likes to look his best when he goes out, this is the best gift a kit of essentials by Bevel including an Aloe Vera based moisturizer, an after shave with a cool restoring balm and lavender infused oil to give him that clean shave look along with caring herbs and spices to keep that skin of his glowing even when he is in a hurry. At a price of $35 you can order in monthly bundle and save a whole lot this Valentine’s Day.


4. Phone Storage Workout Bottle

At number 4 we have another very clever gift idea for you. You know your man is into his morning workout and of course he takes his phone to listen to his workout playlist but doesn’t that make it a hassle having to carry not only a water bottle and having to be careful not to drop his phone then why not get him this awesome workout bottle this valentines so that he not only can stay hydrated all he wants but he can put his phone, cards and headphones and have nothing to worry about. This handy workout bottle at $30 will surely make his day and have him thinking about you every time he takes a sip of water.


3. 12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal

Here is an intimate gift for those who want to remind their spouse of how much they love them. This journal is the best way to express your love especially if you have a hard time doing that, a journal made by Jason Thompson with teasers to help you out and give it a personal touch. At $30 this is sure thing to help you win your spouse over on Valentines Day


2. Invicta Speedway Men’s Analog Quartz Chronograph Watch

At $65.98 if you don’t have any options you cannot go wrong with an elegant Chronograph watch, whether he is laid back or he likes to spiffy it up, a watch is something that adds class to any mans wardrobe and then why not go for this 23K gold plated watch, with a stainless steel body and water resistant touch added to it, it just about spells the perfect Valentines gift.


1. Cartier Pasha Edition Noire

At number one we have none other than the trendy perfume that is so hit with the guys in 2017 Cartier Pasha Edition Noire, Cartier is a lifestyle in itself and your husband will definitely praise you for getting him this gift at $112 this eau de parfum has a lightweight touch with just a hint of masculinity and will leave him smelling heavenly what every guys wants just about any day but getting it from you will make it even more personal and special on Valentines Day.

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