Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Live In 2017

By | January 1, 2017

The world is no doubt a beautiful place to live in, every day we see beautiful sites and are grateful to live and breathe in a place where we call home however that is not the case for every part of the world. In fact there are so many places in the world that are not even close to safe and people are living by threads, holding on to dear life and praying for their families to pass one more day safely as they live in places where every other day is a battle between life and death, a constant struggle between warfare, killings, shootings and so much bloodshed but where are these places? Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Live In 2017; places where just imaging to be there will give you chills down your spine.


10. Libya

Located in North Africa, this country is the fourth largest in Africa and if you ever want to know truly what happens to a country where there is no ruler then take a look at this place. Besides the fact that there are terrible sand dunes and people have to carry their money in wads because of the fact that you are rarely to see an atm there. The recent Maummar Gaddaffi who was in the 2011 Civil War in Libya, later on captured and killed left the country people although happy however in a state where even up till now different cities are ruled by different people and there is no unity on the government so not only is there literal chaotic havoc in the country but blood and killings everywhere.


9. Sudan

Located in Northeast Africa, Sudan is not short of any war with the numerous terrorist activities and violent outrages by the different groups formed going so far as carjacking and kidnapping especially of interest are the regions of the Blue Nile and Darfur.


8. Iraq

Ever since the death of Saddam Husain people thought that now people would be safe however it seems that even the death of cruel dictator did not change the fate of these poor people, Iraq is still claimed to be one of the most dangerous places to live and with time the situation is just getting worse. The turn of the American army being there has woken up numerous other rivalry groups who are out to kill them and then the army killing so many people in return whether in the name of safety however the country is faced with countless murders, killings, bombs you name it people are beheaded and kidnapped and not a day goes by where children as well as adults are the target of all this savagery.


7. Somalia

Where there is danger there is terrorist activities and this country is no different, the terrorist group that have emerged and formed even set out to attack the Somali authorities. No place is safe in this country no matter how good a hotel or restaurant and no matter how strong the security. Just last year the heart of Somali that is the capital known as Mogadishu was the victim of eight terrorist attacks in very popular hotels. Banditry, road blocking, and killings are just some of the violent activities that are very common to see in this dangerous country.


6. Yemen

Better known as the Republic of Yemen, this country is located in the West of Asia currently under the presidency of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, previously the country led by Ali Abdullah Saleh and it was so bad that people considered the country to be under kleptocracy where the president was exploiting people and its country’s own resources but coupled with that even today there are high security level for whoever wants to go into Yemen as terrorist activities are frequently happening and not caring whether they are the countries own citizens or tourists such as the recent incident of Sanaa where tourists from America were killed by the sudden attack . even besides this there are unexpected air strikes artillery shelling and not to mention army conflict the damage done is so severe that the countries resources have been limited and no one outside the country such as organizations can help because the situation is so critical and dangerous .


5. Central South Africa

A war that has started back in 2012 but does not seem to have calm downed in any way, again this country located in the African subcontinent and its citizens have been the victim of coup d’état several times, leaving rebel groups to take the lead and demolish parts and areas around the country not even leaving to safety entire villages that have been burned down by them.


4. Afghanistan

Home to where the notorious “Al- Qaeda” gave birth, this country has been ever since in danger since the September 11 attacks, not only being a threat to its own country and citizens but also making every country dread the influx of Muslims. Taliban’s as they are called are spotted in every nook and corner of this country and the U.S. Wanting to make sure that they have removed this power has set up their camps and set up base operations leading to a very dark and red fate of this country where every you go you will witness killings and bloodshed. Not only are there bombings and shooting but another way of destruction including drone attacks as well.


3. Ukraine

Now you would imagine where in the world did Europe come up in this list, this country is the second largest in the world but by far does it have the charm that the rest of the European countries possess. Corruption, underground crime, kidnapping, murdering and Russian separatists fighting for their say in the government has turned this country into a war zone.


2. South Sudan

This country has become a dangerous one ever since Sudan gained its independence back in 2011 since then turning this country into one that is doomed. The instability in the country has not only led to violent crimes but also economic uncertainty, cattle raiding, intecommunal violence and so much more


1. Syria

At the number one spot you probably already knew what country was coming. It has been the talk of every single person and more so than ever, we see it on the news, the social network you name it. Syria and its people have been suffering at the hands of the ISIS and not long ago; they were still suffering at the hands of United States and Russia who were firing air strikes at this country. However now such extreme acts such as beheading tourists and crucifying people and journalists has made this the number one dangerous country.

Travelers are at risk but more than travelers , journalists are the ones that are being targeted along with adults and children that are killed on a daily basis and left one the sides of the roads. This country has by far the most violent acts and crimes being acted upon and no proper law and order to help them out, instead people trying to figure out a way to leave this country they once called home.

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