Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2017

By | January 9, 2017

In the world that we live in the main thing that is of concern is health. Different people all around the world suffer from different diseases and conditions, everyone who is suffering whether from a simple cold to a migraine to even heart wrenching things such as cancer all want their pain alleviated and how does one alleviate pain? well of course take a pain killer or any other prescribed medication from a good doctor and that is where pharmaceutical companies come in. tons of medicine are produced by the bulk all over the world each year for people to take but in a world where there is so much disease and illness there is also a need of generating more and more powerful and potent medicines, medicines that can ultimately save our loved ones. So with that said, comes the question of which medicine to take from which brand? pharmaceutical companies are of quite some interest in today’s world with high rise competition every company is trying to make their medication the best in the world and that is why pharmaceutical companies are of much value and take in a lot of revenue so today a list of the Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies In 2017 in the world will be shown.


10. GlaxoSmithKline

Having their name in over 150 countries this global healthcare company is UK based with a total revenue of USD 36,566 million in 2015, the company operates under three branches; pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare. This company has been so successful over the years that they have further invested in making more companies for the future. The Company had the lowest ratios for the contribution of top-3 drugs to its revenues – 21.50% in 2015. And lately it was successful in specially three areas including wellness, oral health, nutrition and skin health.


9. Sanofi

A French base company with its revenues growing by 8.99% between 2014 and 2015 reaching a big number of USD 34,542 million just last year. The company’s top three products Lantus, Plavix and Lovenox contributed 29.06% to its revenues in 2015 and the company is determined to expand and put in variation to its products in the coming years.


8. AstraZeneca

This company a collaboration of Britain-Swedish medicines has a current revenue of $24.7 billion and is quite famous for its work environment and the awards that it has received such as the “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers” and “The Most in Demand Employers on LinkedIn”, its advancement has been linked to its revenue generating from its top 3 drugs almost 46.14% in 2015. One of its very well-known drug “Crestor” which is formulated for management in cholesterol and drugs used in the oncology field such as “Zoladex” and “Faslodex” has stirred up the company’s name with success.


7. Gilead Sciences, Inc. (U.S.)

With a $32.6 Billion revenue, Gilead has streamed big with its rates even growing further by 31.13% between the years of 2014 and 2015. It gives much credit to its top selling drugs “Harvoni”, “Solbaldi” and “Truvada” the first two being a great hit in Japan. This company also has extended its patent of these drugs for a very long time to be specific Harvoni until 2030, Solvaldi up to 2029 and Truvada up to 2021, this will be a benefit to the company as with its these brands being so popular and in for such a long time it will prove to be successful for the company in the long run. This company has also expanded the numbers of employees over the years to include over 8,000 people from across the world as their own staff employees and Gilead has also taken a big step in fighting against the deadly virus HIV/AIDS with the help of drugs such as Atripla, Emtriva and Viread as well as serious illness such as liver disease and cancer drugs.


6. Roche

Roche this name is also very sought after when it comes to its staff as it employs almost 100,000 people from almost 100 countries. Its widespread drugs include “Ocrelizumab” which is known to have quite the positive effect with multiple sclerosis. It has revenue of $ 48.1 billion and this company specializes not only in the pharmacy division but also hospital markets, invitro diagnostics, biotechnology and oncology and has even made a few successful drugs for cancer patients such as “Avastin”, “Herceptin” and “Perjeta”.


5. Merck & Co, Inc

Having a bright future thanks to its skin cancer drug “Coppertone” being sold successfully worldwide. Merck and Company generates revenue of an estimated 39.5 billion dollars; the pharmaceutical division was responsible for this contribution up to 88.06%. It is very popular and has an earning standpoint in top drugs list of 2015 due to the names such as “Januvia”, “Zetia” and “Janumet”. It looks towards a bright future and plans to expand its growth with new and innovating ideas.


4. Pfizer

Ever heard of the name Lipitor, Viagra or Lyrica well then welcome to its owner Pfizer. Being one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical drugs it generates an estimated $48.9 billion, with Lyrica being the sole revenue generator of $4.83 billion and its recent release Prevnar generating $6.25 billion with such a success it increased Prevnar’s patent expiry to 2026 and this will no doubt put it up for even more success. Another contributor in the line of success of this company is its dedication to its employee’s satisfaction as it was claimed “the happiest companies to work for” in 2015 by the famous magazine Forbes. It has also started 40 therapies in research and development so that it can create and make more for its upcoming years.


3. Novartis

A company based in Basel, Switzerland and other branches also located worldwide, Novartis has seen victory in several fields including oncology, dermatology, eye care, bio-similars and immunology. It generates much of its revenue from its leading drug makers such as Gilvec, Gilenya and Lucnetis in 2015 which earned them up to 9,494 million in USD. Not only this but the company’s own revenue of 49.4 billion and being major suppliers to over 180 countries worldwide.


2. Bayer

Having worked a long way since its initial development in 1863. Nowadays this company comes in with an estimated $51.4 billion. This year alone it released drugs such as Adempas, Xarelto, Eylea, Stivarga, and Xofigo but this is just this year. You can find the name Bayer accompanied by household over the counter favorites such as Aleve, Claritin and Afrin. Currently it is working to improve its healthcare to benefit even more people from its name.


1. Johnson and Johnson

Who else would you think be at the number one spot? Well of course a household staple and every mother’s all time favorite Johnson & Johnson. A name that has lived up to its expectations, and comprises of some of the world’s largest consumer health, medical devices, biologics and of course pharmaceutical companies. Its leading drug last year was Darzalex which is used to fight multiple myeloma. The company stands upfront in the face of all the other companies in the list with a whooping $70 billion dollars in revenue and facilitates not just medical needs but simple things such as band aids and baby shampoo.

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