Top 10 Best Horror Games That Should be Definitely Played in 2015

By | August 19, 2015

Games have been our way of entertainment since the game was first made. Nowadays Games are divided in different genres like RPG as well as FPS and Horror Games. Most of these horror games can be played on PC, XBOX and PlayStation. Just buy them download them or play them online at steam these best survival mmorpg horror games are gonna give you hard time.

In the list below, we talk about the top 10 Survival Horror Games and most of them have been launched online in 2015 and you can try their demos for FREE online on STEAM. These games are one of the creepiest, most horrifying as well as being scary. This particular genre has been improved vastly by gaming companies establishing top-notch horror games. These games are both spine-tingling and bone-chilling and are not recommended for the weak hearted. These video games will give you goosebumps at night so be careful of how to play the game and when to play. These top 10 best horror games have gotten a lot of appraise from the gaming community and are a must for everyone who enjoys playing such games.


Here are the best horror games worth playing in 2015


  1. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 - most Horror Games

Outlast 2 makes it to the 10th spot in the list of the top 10 horror video games. The prquel of the Outlast 2, Outlast was not acclaimed as the best survival horror but according to the producer, Phillipe Morin, Outlast 2 has some tricks up its sleeves. According to several sources, Outlast 2 will feature entirely new themes as well as a new location and new characters and will not be related to Outlast. The Red Barrels Games have worked very hard on this game is the first-person survival horror. This game is indeed one to watch in recent months.

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