Top 10 Best Indian Punjabi Comedy Films 2015

By | April 23, 2015

Punjabi comedy films are becoming very popular among Indians. Especially for those who are from Punjab, they love to see Indian Punjabi comedy movies. But, this doesn’t mean that these Indian comedy films are not popular in the rest of the country. People from northern India and other states also love to watch Indian Punjabi comedy films.

If you are looking for some best Indian Punjabi Comedy films of all time, well you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 best Indian Punjabi funny films 2015. This list includes the best Indian Punjabi comedy movies of all time as well. you might like our other list on top 10 best Bollywood films of 2015.


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Best Punjabi Comedies


  1. BhaJi in Problem

Best Punjabi Comedies

Released in 2013, BhaJi in Problem is the 10th best Indian Punjabi comedy movie 2015. Directed by Smeep Kang, the movie focuses on a man named Sundeep who is married to two women, Anu and Jasmeet and both wives are unaware of the fact that their husband is also married to another woman. The movie plot takes an amusing turn when Jeeta (sister of Jasmeet) falls in love with Preet but Sundeep doesn’t approve of it. This situation leads to funny and hilarious errors from both parties.


  1. Carry on Jatta

Best Punjabi Comedies

Released in 2012, Carry on Jatta is another great Punjabi Indian comedy movie to watch in 2015. It is also directed by Smeep Kang who was the director of Bha Ji in Problem movie as well. The story of the movie is about a person named Jass who fell in love with Mahie whom she saw at a friend’s wedding but the problem is that she only wants to marry someone who is orphan like him. So Jass pretends that he is an orphan too and their story continues. It is a great Indian Punjabi comedy film to watch in 2015 if you haven’t watched it already.


  1. Yaar Anmulle

Best Indian Punjabi Comedy Films 2015

Yaar Anmulle is also a Punjabi Indian comedy film that tells the story of three friends named Guri, Deep and Sher Singh who are studying in a university and stay together in a hostel. All three friends fall in love with three different girls and the movie continues to show the events of three friends and how they face this love situation. The film was released in 2011 and was directed by Anurag Sigh.


  1. Tera Mera Ki Rishta

Best Indian Punjabi Comedy Films 2015

Tera Mera Ki Rishta was released in 2009 and is now considered one of the best Indian Punjabi Comedy films of all time. The film cast includes some great actors like Jimmy Shergill and Anupam Kher. The story focuses on a Punjabi boy named Meet (played by Jimmy Shergill) who lives in Canada. He is a very funny and loving buy who likes to adventure like racing, hiking, skiing etc. On the other hand, there is this girl who has strict family values etc. Meet falls in love with her and the story continues to unfold events between them. This is a great Indian Punjabi comedy film to watch in 2015.


  1. Lucky Di Unlucky Story

Best Indian Punjabi Comedy Films 2015

Lucky Di Unlucky Story is the third film in this list of top 10 best Indian Punjabi comedy films 2015 that was directed by Smeep Kang. Released in 2013, the movie plot is about Lucky who has been taken on a vacation by his friends on his birthday. Unfortunately, a murder happens there and the four friends are the prime suspects according to them. The funny events start taking place right there and soon they all find the real killer. This is a great comedy film to watch.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Indian Punjabi Comedy Films 2015

  1. Tahir

    Without any doubt it will remain as Punjabi Movie ever for some decades. The guy is amazingly talented. Infact there is no doubt in my mind that this is a hit due to Fateh Singh.

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  3. Subh

    When i want to see punjabi comedy movies then i always watch Happy Go Lucky Film Starring Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Gupreet Ghuggi, They really rock with their comedy acting.


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