Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands To Buy In 2016

A.P.C x Retrosuperfuture

Summer is here and so is the merriment. Social media is full with memes of people worrying about beach bodies and not being ready for summer fun as always. But here is something that requires little effort and pays big in fashion world. If you are into vogue craze then …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Hotels In The World 2016

Most Beautiful Hotels 2016 - Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Earth is full of breathtaking views and sensational scenes. But one might want to see the glory of the nature from the comfort of luxurious man made architecture. Now if art be throws the man made comforts and natural eye appealing scenarios, then that makes a perfect vacation resort. However …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In 2016

Phuket, Thailand

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. First year of marriage is the time of ultimate bliss, romance and love. But to start all this it is important that all the functions related to marriage are carried out perfectly. As calm and happy as the bride and groom …

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Top 10 Best Fashion Magazines In The World 2016

Best Fashion Magazines 2016 - Cosmopolitan

Women usually get bore by sitting at home idol, after completing their home chores. They pass their time by watching television, talking and gossiping with their friends and some go out for shopping. There is another method for these housewives to keep them busy and which also help them to …

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Top 10 Most Blood Thirsty Cruel People Of The History

Joseph Stalin

When a person is born he has his own ability to choose, whether to be an angel or a devil. There are many terrifying qualities in a human . Together these qualities bring terror and make other people lives hell to live in . There have been many personalities in …

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10 Countries That Are Hell For Women In 2016


Women are the blessed creature of GOD. Women have their own rights everywhere. In ancient culture, women had their special place and value in a society. But today women need more intentions regarding their rights. There are many countries in which women have no place and rights. In some countries, …

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Top 10 Countries With Highest Suicide Rate In 2016

Countries With Highest Suicide Rate In 2016 -

It’s no doubt that everyone has to die but it depends that how one dies. Suicide is not a natural process of death but it is the choice of the one to murder himself. People commit suicide after getting depressed and cannot tolerate the problems of their lives and quit …

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Top 10 Best Postgraduate Degrees In 2016

Top 10 Best Post Graduate Degrees In 2016

Postgraduate degree is a program which is for higher qualification after completion of graduate degree. In this degree, Graduate Diploma, Master and PhD degrees are included. This degree is completed in a much shorter time. The time duration of postgraduate degrees are two or more than two years. Some postgraduate …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World 2016

Maui, Hawaii

An island is a part of a land which is totally surrounded by water. Islands can be seen in rivers, oceans, lakes or seas. A large number of islands combine and make a group which is called archipelago. Some islands are very beautiful and are a source of refreshment for …

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12 Best Gifts For Mothers At Mothers Day 2016

Best Mothers Day Gifts 2016 -  Sunglasses

Mother’s day is the best day to celebrate the importance of the mothers in society as well as all over the world. .The celebration of this day takes place in the months of March and May. This day is celebrated in 46 countries now a day with full honor. In …

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