Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2016 Reviews


Ever wonder what it would be like to have no dust or cleaning needed anywhere? Well that seems next to impossible and in a world with pollution getting stronger day by day and houses being occupied by the dozens cleaning has become a must. Back in the day when there …

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10 Reasons Why Pakistan Army Is Better Than Indian Army


With rivalry come an unending competition and an unspoken agenda of getting ahead. Maybe it’s how the world works that leads to two countries turning against one another. Maybe it’s the utter despair that comes out of the people who have lost all their hope. There is nothing great about …

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10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids 2016


As we know that Halloween is just around the corner, and we face the same dilemma again, that is what to wear. How to dress up, what to dress up in? There are so many options and so hard to choose. But when we’re then there’s nothing to fear. Because …

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10 Best Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas 2016


With September almost hitting midway we know what’s on everyone’s mind for October. And what is that you say? Well of course October 31 all Hallows eve. So what people are thinking Ghouls and ghosts or maybe something very unique? But even celebrities are having in on the fun because …

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10 Differences Between iPhone 6S Plus & iPhone 7 Plus


So 2016 is midway through just a few months to go before we head into a new year.What are a few things that 2016 showed us? Well apart from the usual political hype surrounding the world and elections’ booming here and there a very much awaited iPhone 7 plus was …

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10 Best Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas 2016


Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Turnin. Turnin who? Turnin into a zombie this Halloween! Autumn fall leaves, crisp air and pumpkins so what does that mean? For many that means Halloween is just about to knock on our doorstep and with that in mind Halloween lovers everywhere are definitely thinking of …

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Top 10 Best And Cheapest Airways In The World 2016


Ever wonder what it would be like to travel around the world, let loose and dance in the European sun, soak up by the big blue ocean, maybe run wild with the zebras, take the whole family to a beautiful vineyard or maybe just have a romantic getaway? But how …

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Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers Of Summer Transfer Window 2016


Football is a beautiful game watched by millions throughout the globe. But unfortunately, these days football is all about money. Managers and clubs splash loads of money to bring world-class players to their clubs to taste the glory. This summer’s transfer window was one of the most expensive and was …

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10 Most Delicious Dishes To Eat This Eid


Meat lovers beware! With Eid just around the corner I know what you are thinking about. Yes you got it food! Food lover’s favorite time of the year is Eid ul Azha. While Eid ul Fitr is all about celebrating the end of Ramadan and celebrating the new moon, Eid …

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